Garden Furniture Ranges, Brands, and Materials

Garden FurnitureFinding the perfect outdoor garden furniture is sometimes tricky business, it all depends on the environment, your gardens style, and the way you use your garden to relax.  You may prefer rattan, wicker, or aluminium garden furniture, but that shouldn’t stop you having the best choice for your home.  Whether you want to dine alfresco at a family bbq, or simply chill out with your new book on a sun lounger, garden furniture is the perfect friend, to help you enjoy the summer that bit more.

 Purchasing garden furniture online

Garden Furniture Online

This is tricky, as sometimes you have to check all the online shops to find the best place to buy garden furniture online.  I would highly recommend Gardencentreshopping ( as I have found them to have the best choice of outdoor furniture, as well as some fantastic range of rattan dining sets (here), including oval, and round.  They also well a fantastic range of Winawood benches, which are 100% maintenance free, and completely all weather, the full range is at

There are also many brands where you could purchase furniture, such as Argos, Amazon, or Ebay, but we tend to find them not quite as good quality, almost like it has been mass produced for the masses.

Garden Furniture on Social Platforms

Whether you’re looking for garden furniture on Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube, there are many different interesting resources for you to see.  Outdoor activities are particularly popular on, where people post how-to type videoes, as well as their success stories with particular ways of building your own furniture.

Some of them are here below:




You could also check out this video on rattan dining sets below:

Obviously this site is hosted using WordPress, however I wouldn’t rule out using other platforms to publish your garden furniture info on, such as squidoo,, or

Final Thoughts on Garden Furniture

Obviously it’s difficult, the science behind a decent set of garden furniture takes time and effort.  However, if you choose the right place to buy garden furniture online, I think you should be set for the summer.  Our favorites are definitely the garden sofa sets, which really make for a fantastic lazy afternoon in the sunshine.