Equality, freedom and justice must be ensured for all

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The chief speaker was Mostafa Kamal Akanda, the Director-Administration and Stakeholder Relation from COAST Foundation.

Press release:
A discussion meeting has organized on the occasion of world Human Rights Day 2023 in Ukhiya and Teknaf Upazila in Cox’s Bazar.
COAST Foundation, a rights-based organization has claimed that human rights are being violated in different countries of the world. Equality, freedom and justice must be ensured for all.
The speakers said that United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in order to protect and develop human rights worldwide on 10 December 1948. By this declaration, it recognizes that human rights are equally applicable for all. Human rights are universal and equal for all irrespective of place of birth, caste, religion, caste, creed, economic status or educational qualifications. Every human being is born with these rights. In this declaration, there are 30 articles where specifically set out the rights of every individual and the responsibilities of the state. The day of adoption of this declaration is celebrated as Universal Human Rights Day worldwide every year. This year the theme of the day is “Freedom, Equality and Justice for All’’.
It is sad to say that, human rights violations are still happening in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. The cries of humanity can be heard in Palestine where children are being killed indiscriminately. Many areas of Palestine have turned into ruins by the brutality of Israeli. But those who talk about human rights are silent now. On the opposite, many have taken the side of the occupying forces. The speakers strongly condemned the human rights violations in various countries including Palestine.
The chief guest was Tarek Mahmud Rony, a young political figure and social worker and the program was chaired by ANM Tauhidul Mashek, the principal of Hinla Moin Uddin Memorial College.
The chief speaker was Mostafa Kamal Akanda, the Director-Administration and Stakeholder Relation from COAST Foundation. He said that human rights of Rohingya was violated by the Myanmar Janta. But Myanmar must take back their citizen and we and Bangladesh government will support the process of repatriation. At the same time, all Rohingya should have wiliness and effort to back their own country.
The meeting was moderated Zahangir Alam, AD- ISC and RTL of COAST Foundation. Some special guests talked in the meeting like Dr. Abu Bakr Al Mamun, Ibrahim Khalil, Hnila Union Parishad member Nasreen Parveen, Morzina Akhter. Rafiqul Islam, the Headmaster, President Nurul Hossain, the president of Teknaf Upazila press club, Imam Khair, the vice president of Cox’s Bazar online press club and Alamgir Chowdhury.
One day before, on the occasion of Universal Human Rights Day, an awareness program was held. In that program, some distinguished guests were present. In the two separate program in two Upazila, local stakeholders like teachers, students, public representatives, journalists, police officer, social cohesion committee members, and other respected persons were attended.
Md, Arif Ullah, sports coordinator of the project, presented the information on Universal Human Rights Day. In this event, the guests handed over the prizes to the winners of the speech and quiz competition on Human Rights Day. At this time of program, COAST staff were also present.